Anita Brown Art Works

Washington, D.C.

Bittinger, Maryland

Anita’s paintings are colorful and vibrant. We are in love with the bright colors and the details she adds by applying different techniques. We went with a customized piece and deciding on the artwork was a partnership. Anita listens and makes selections based on your taste and preferences without compromising as an artist.

Vibeke Svensson


I was lucky enough to be gifted a beautiful 24x24 piece from Anita’s studio.   Her use of color and the overall quality of her work is a delight and displays the passion Anita has for her art.

Cristen Piontek

Ashburn, VA

Anita’s art is textured and imaginative and evocative. This painting brings me joy every day. 

Benjamin Williams

Silver Spring, MD

We love our new art! Thank you Anita for doing such great work and we love “Sex in the City” Looking forward to adding more art from you. XO

Mindy Bush

Westminster, MD

I Love my two Anita Brown paintings.  Her unique style and combination of vibrant colors and varied materials not only brighten my home but my spirit.  Thank you Anita for sharing your talent with my friends and family.

Ted Miller

Bethesda, MD

Anita’s paintings are wonderful! She is a very talented artist.  We love her mixed media work and blending of color.  The painting we selected just spoke to us so my husband and I decided to purchase the piece as a Christmas gift to each other.  We are so happy with our new artwork.

Sandy LaFevre

Washington, D.C.

When I first saw Anita's work it spoke to me. I could see depth in the art, that I have not seen in other's work.

Stephanie Partridge

Washington, D.C.

I am in love with the piece of art that Anita created for me.  It now lives in my living room.The colors used pull my whole room together and the designs are captivating. I couldn't be happier.

Laurie Miller

Rockville, MD

I have my Anita Brown painting positioned so it is the first thing I see when I walk into our New York apartment. I love the colors and how they reflect off the light. Her art is a joy to have around us. Anita has so much talent. I can’t wait to see what she paints next. 

Anne Brown Loftus

New York, NY

I love Anita’s work. To me this painting represents creativity, the inception of a thought that becomes an idea. I keep it in my office so I can have something deeply inspiring to look at while I’m thinking about a solution to whatever I’m working on, and people often stop by to comment on how her work catches the eye as they walk past. I position it directly across from an impressionist piece, to symbolize the progress from inspiration to formed ideas, and it anchors the room perfectly in this regard.

Myles Hungerford

Washington, D.C.

After seeing a few of Anita’s piece on Facebook, I reached out to her about a custom piece in some of my favorite colors. The process was so easy and fun!  In the end, I am the very happy owner of two custom pieces from Anita Brown. They make me smile every time I look at them!

Shannon Fitzpatrick

Columbus, OH

I fell in love with one of Anita’s pieces she showed online and when I saw it live, she brought another along with a different color scheme.  I loved them both and had to have them.  The colors, texture, and mood of the paintings are vibrant, happy and content.  They will not be my last purchases!

Bernadette Gilson

Bethesda, MD

Cape Cod, MA

I am a new, proud owner of Anita Brown Artworks. After admiring her art for quite some time I came across the RIGHT PIECE. It is called "No Way Out". It makes such a beautiful addition to my home that I have moved it three times. I just can't get enough of it. I adore Anita's talent and the way her art speaks to you/me. Thank you, Anita.

JoAnna Kern Neal

Sandy, Utah