Anita Brown Art Works

Washington, D.C.

Bittinger, Maryland

Anita Brown is an abstract painter whose goal is to make paintings that communicate a sense of adventure, movement and energy.  After a long career in real estate management, Brown found her true soul’s path as a full-time artist.  Today, she is fulfilling her dream of bringing joy and beauty to other people’s lives through her vibrant and engaging abstract work.  

“When I am creating art, I am the happiest, I undoubtedly believe I am doing exactly what I was born to do.” – Anita Brown

Brown studied studio art at the American University, Washington, D.C.  One of her inspirations is the artist Gino Savarino’s Very Big Artworks.  She trained under the notable artist, Jane Davies, and continues to practice with Davies to further her exploration of the infinite possibilities for dynamic expression that the abstract process creates.

Me, Personally.

I love Nature. And I love all the seasons—with the many changes in color, mood and light that each one brings.  Each season evokes different feelings, inspiring new ideas and fresh perspectives for my work.  My art studio is located in Bittinger, Maryland, a remote mountain setting, where the tranquility of Nature enables me to get lost in creativity.

Fall colors inspire abstract artist Anita Brown
Abstract painter Anita Brown's studio hidden in the woods.
This is Anita Brown, abstract artist.

I begin each piece with no particular idea in mine,” explains Brown.  She believes that painting, collage and intuitive mark making are synergistic features in the artistic journey.  Brown uses a multitude of techniques, with an ongoing interplay of spontaneity and intention. This process gives rise to unique and striking visual effects.  “Color, shape, line, texture, the elements of light and dark – all of these excite my visual sensibility.  My practice includes all of these art elements in my work.”